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Triple Tease by Tony Flood

We're Not Dead Yet Writers, a group of nine authors all aged over 60 but proving to be exciting new writing talents, have come up with 16 superb short stories in their debut book Twists in the Tales.
The writers provide a mixture of humour, thrills and sexual intrigue keep readers guessing in Twists in the Tales, which has enjoyed excellent reviews.
Subjects range from crime, trickery, entrapment, greed and desire to fear, murder, fantasy, death and the after life.
Group leaders Tony and Heather Flood have already had great success with their previously published children's books and Tony's celebrity revelations in My Life With The Stars.
Tony and Heather and two other We're Not Dead Yet Writers, Francis Wait and Christine Dudley, are also members of the Anderida Writers, of which Tony is chairman.
He says: "The oldest member of the We're Not Dead Yet Writers is 92-year-old Ernie Richardson. He and the other writers, Brian Jones, Elizabeth Gibbs, Valerie Tinney and Barbara Fisher, have proved that you are never too old to write your first book. And despite being all over 60, they have shown that they are young at heart by producing great tales that will appeal to readers of all ages."
Sizzling stories 'Lying in Wait' and the award-winning 'No-brainer' tell how two drop dead gorgeous ladies cope with men who treat them as sex objects.
There's further twists you won't see coming in 'Thomas's Big Mistake', 'The Murderer', 'The Artist and his Master', 'Maurice and the Magic Book', 'The Christmas Tree' and 'Naughty but Nice.'
If it's fear you want then 'The Severed Head' and 'Nightmare' provide it in good measure.
Readers who crave more intrigue and excitement should enjoy 'The Cafe', 'The Hand of Fate' and fantasy tale 'Ismeralda's Mercy Misssion'.
  Twists In The Tales
'Twists In The Tales' is available right now
as a
paperback or E-book
There's a large slice of humour - and irony - in the award-winning 'Heaven or Hell?', 'The Village Feud' and 'Squaddies' Hijinks in Hong Kong' - and humour is also sprinkled in many of the other stories.

Twists in the Tales,published by My Voice Publishing,is available on Amazon as both a paperback and an e-book. But copies (POST FREE) are also available from Sportsworld Communications by sending a cheque for £6.99, made payable to Sportsworld Communications, at 24 Brisbane Quay, Eastbourne, BN24 5PD.

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The Survivalists - Book 1: Getting ThereFrancis Wait’s adventure book ‘The Survivalists – Getting There’ poses readers the question: what would you do if the world erupted?

Francis says: “Your only chance of survival entails giving up your whole way of life NOW. Would you take it if it meant saving your family from this catastrophe?”
The hero in ‘The Survivalists’ is tipped off by a friend that the Yellowstone Caldera in America is showings signs of exploding with terrifying force which will plunge the whole world into a Nuclear winter. If this happens, the volcanic dust blocks out the sun and no crops can be grown for approximately 10 years, resulting in widespread starvation.

In Book One he persuades his whole family to go to Australia to live, as far away from civilisation as possible in a secure indoor farm. In Book Two they have to deal with a desperate group who are determined to take it from them, by force if necessary.

‘The Survivalists’, published by My Voice Publishing of Eastbourne, is available on Amazon priced £9.57 as a paperback or £4.96 as a kindle e-book. To obtain more details go to and find a hotspot to take you direct to the book in Amazon.

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